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Hypnosis [red] 26


A suitable impact work at beginning of event of 2007 is completed!
Shiho is manipulated by "Hypnosis [red] 26 Pass out × Time stop SP" by the RED hypnosis!
Shiho that cannot conceal straining in unknown pressure of hypnosis before it takes a picture. The air of the site is strained, and the RED hypnosis is bright from the stage of preliminary hypnosis! Shiho that has completely dropped to depth momentarily of desire that pupil that watches writer's flame began to become hollow. It loses consciousness many times like the string's not seen having been cut by signal of the finger, light of the flash, and RED bazooka.
All of hints such as the open eye faint, making to the animal, the sensitivity rule, and Time Stop are deep, intense, and all of Shiho are colored.
Please see a hypnosis [red] series deepest work deliberately!

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