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Shizuku Morino/Ai Himeno
Hypnosis [red] DX.04 Double Impact Super Complete

actress/Shizuku Morino,Ai Himeno

500K Bitrate 714MB , 1M Bitrate 1.19GB

This time and complete volume is a lot of pilings.
The preliminary hypnosis image done before the chapter of the document complete covers the scene that puts the art of the hypnosis done in familiarity at intervals of other scene.
The treasuring image such as hypnosis that the hypnosis scene and Shizuku to make Ai a hypnotist are under one's thumb as Dutch wife is a lot of pilings.
Moreover, even the scene to play a trick to two person hypnotic state during turning off taking a picture is collected.
Special chapter that can see all assumption that red DX4 hypnosis is completed.
The interview of Mr. RED immediately after the end of taking a picture, Ai, and Shizuku that excitement s and is done can be heard.

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