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Shizuku Morino/Ai Himeno
Hypnosis [red] DX.04 Double Impact Double mind control

actress/Shizuku Morino,Ai Himeno

Chapter Wmc (double mind control) appears from "Hypnosis Red DX4 double impact".
The first'Woman hypnotist Ai and Mr. RED'
Fortune teller Ai can operate hypnosis. Her servant in the under includes tens of people a favorite woman he or she ..Ai.. matchless.
It goes out to the town to look for an obedient beautiful woman who becomes food today. Shizuku hangs to the poison fang of Ai.
And, Ai becomes the toy of the character, too.
The second 'Hypnosis sex industry worker' (subjectivity image)
Corruption hypnotist RED who hypnotizes to girls who come for interview by part-time job hope, makes to Dutch wife, and is having them do sex industry worker. Ai that came for the interview today is caught in the trap of hypnosis, and an indecent middle-aged man plays.
Hypnotist RED says." Hereafter, your consideration will go to the world with nothing completely, too. To the world of nothing pure-white. "

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