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Hina Otsuka
Hypnosis [red] 25

actress/Hina Otsuka

500K Bitrate 990MB , 1M Bitrate 1.71GB

It is called "hypnosis play" and the actress is played with by the RED hypnosis.
It is a continuous faint of the first stage of beginning and open eye hypnotic state of the faint when saying her effect degree.
It is in a relaxed manner slowly Trip while opened one's eyes. It is transfigured to the appearance whether possessed in something.
The body rule and the time stop are also perfect. By the change in the instruction change and the personality change (animal) into the cat besides a standard dog.
And, even the best maneuver and the degradation hypnosis are perfect.
It changes even into her real the baby and 14-year-old. Kokoro and the soul get excited sexual in repeating change and hight [suru] many times.
See and exist a real document of 204 minutes of the super-content enhancement.

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