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Ai Himeno
Hypnosis [red] DX.03 Document

actress/Ai Himeno

500K Bitrate 753MB , 1M Bitrate 1.26GB

The actress of the hypnosis first experience appears suddenly as red deluxe 3 hypnosis.
It is continuous though is when the hypnotism height is foreseen in the hypnotic state that surpasses expectations.
The depth of the hypnosis shows correct and the indecency even if it is said, "new hypnosis queen?".
First of all, the chapter of the document starts from a continuous faint. It faints one after another by the power of the nature from overhead only in watching by signaling the finger.
Moreover, the open eye faint is done though it is the first stage. Afterwards, only hypnosis : for 150 minutes until the body rule, the altered taste, the personality change (animal), it stops at time, the personality change (man), and complete is unconscious.
Especially, the ON/OFF operation of pleasure during complete and unconsciousness is excellent. It perfectly hangs to hypnosis.
Please confirm the work that should become a new legend by all means.

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