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Emi Kitagawa
Hypnosis [red] 24

actress/Emi Kitagawa

500K Bitrate 831MB , 1M Bitrate 1.62GB

A super-actress appears in hypnosis red 24. It is entitled, "Character change" this time and is manipulated the actress continuously by a large capacity of 165 minutes. The thing to give the skirt by body + sense rule is a beginning. The royal road and the open eye faint are also easily clear. And, it first changes suddenly even to the cat, the penguin, the snake, and the frog in the animal system in "Character change" of the main this time. It attacks the camera by the power full marks like the real thing. Moreover, she scary can be seen by changing with a certain well known actress, announcing the indecency, and becoming defective finally in manning it. And, subjectivity × hypnosis part is played at her of the woman detective by corruption detective's hypnosis and plays a trick about the stop firing of time in rapid succession.

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