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Arisa Kanno
Hypnosis [red] 23 SP[normal hypnosis]

actress/Arisa Kanno

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Fan expectation.
Arisa Kanno is manipulated again by the RED hypnosis.
It specializes in consideration rule, an animal change, repeating change, and the Dutch wife change this time concentrate.
"Consideration rule"
Something wraps the body inside, power comes off, and it to the thing that flies over the sky for which the person in question also was hoping after the state of the escape power. And, is a big wing flapped, and did it fly before long over the sky?
"Animal change"
It knocks against the running camera. ?It becomes the cat and a dog.
"Repeating change"
Clothes are taken off, it opens one's eyes greatly, the mouth is opened, slaver is unfolded, and SEX of dripping fictitious is unfolded.
The sperm is launched to the vagina in the hypnotic state at the end.
"Dutch wife change"
It did because it was played with by turning on and turning off pleasure while unconsciously putting the toy of a strapping male genital in and out.

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