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Hypnosis [red] 22


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"Hypnosis red 22", Sakurano is manipulated by the Dutch wife control. Have you felt extreme pressure compared with hypnosis immediately after beginning of taking a picture!? Sakurano on which some stoppers were put in consideration. The hint and the content during unconsciousness are changed there! The becoming visible the effect at once and she fell in the sea where hypnosis was deep.
Especially, the Dutch wife control inside, ON/OFF of presence of consideration and the mischief with an adult toy is preeminently good! The hanging condition of hypnosis splendidly matches ero and feelings poor!
And, it was taken from the work now, and "Virtual situation drama hypnosis" is also must see! Become a subjectivity, and Sakura who is schoolgirl makes to saying! 2006 deepest!?Has been it already a birth of the strongest work!?

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