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Tsukasa Serizawa/Azusa Nagase
Hypnosis sex 4 [virtual mind control]

actress/Tsujasa Serizawa,Azusa Nagasawa

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The hypnosis series is the first. Virtual chapter mc (mind control) appears.
Mc to the gravure gal, the schoolgirl, and the female teacher is boldly delivered by the subjectivity image. Super-work that can experience mc that finishes becoming corruption president RED, a middle age of transformation man, and shameless schoolboy and manipulates girls like mind.
In the chapter of the gravure model, two people who participated in the audition are made to faint after the mind control, the animal hypnosis, the striptease, and masturbation.
After repeating change, they are made to agree on their prostitution association in the chapter of the schoolgirl the woman who dressed unspoilt.
The female teacher who worries because of the man relation is done and SEX is done in the chapter of the female teacher at the end of the consideration rule and TS though it is usually high-handed.
Everyone is a dream work once that splendidly realizes 'Hypnotism is put' that has been felt by three patterns.

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