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Tsukasa Serizawa/Azusa Nagase
Hypnosis sex 4 [restraint sex]

actress/Tsujasa Serizawa,Azusa Nagasawa

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Hypnosis sex4 appears, and great power UP is done and appears.
It specializes in a stop at time, a puppet change, and repeating change aiming at the hypnosis mania for the hypnosis mania.
The movement is experienced in the time stop momentarily, and the shape of masturbation is made to be had, and it plays a trick repeating turning on and turning off TS like the blame of vibes insertion & tickle simultaneously etc. with standing upright enlightened.
Both volumes and the variations such as Dutch wives changed bathing in the light of the mannequin and the flash that begins to induce a lovely French type and the marionette that begins to be danced by a strange pose and the machine beginning of the mirroring in the doll change, and to dance are super-enhanced.
It reacts in repeating change as said, it doesn't stay in mischievous, and even SEX is done.

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