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Yuka Satsuki
Hypnosis [red] DX 2 [mind control]

actress/Yuka Satsuki

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It is a mind control as one's intention the queen hypnosis. Trilogy of drama tailoring. The first"Chapter of schoolgirl" The actress of the honor student type wanted always to change herself. The wish is manipulated for mischievous by the taking advantage hypnosis and medicine by the transformation teacher and the hypnotist completely. The second"Chapter of Miss hostess" A group of 3 who came to night club to play with secret desire. It is made to change its mind in lewdness by using hypnosis for the hostess with a hard guard, and my thing is made to be tempted SEX. The third"Chapter of bunny doll" Actress made bunny doll that also feelings and can do thought thing. It is skillfully manipulated by you, it is played with, and it has sexual intercourse. Super-mind control from which it is ruled and it manipulated even to think of spirit and body. Another legend that do the charm of hypnosis : here.

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