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Yuka Satsuki
Hypnosis [red] DX 2 [restraint sex]

actress/Yuka Satsuki

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She who was the legend in a hypnosis red series is finally a re-advent in red deluxe 2 hypnosis. The actress's name is "Yuka Satsuki" The way of the hypnosis hanging is terrific and, anyway, all from which the depth of depth is manipulated are terrific. The ecstasy in the sex robot and the brain etc. that were not able to be achieved in last hypnosis red as it is natural that level UP is done now as for the quality of the stop at the faint that is standard hypnosis and time and friezes complete are collected. The more it is put hypnosis, the more does the hypnotic state raise the level? The faint that turns to white of the eye is fired in rapid succession in this deluxe 2. Externals where the queen hypnosis is not ashamed of the name are exactly announced by an outsize volume of 210 minutes. Top work of hypnosis work.

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