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Airu Kaede
Hypnosis [red] 20

actress/Airu Kaede

Airu Kaede is violated by hypnosis!
She suggestible by the fall only in watching in the hypnotic state. In the sense rule, she who became a sense to which the whole body is hit because of the thunder feels orgasm by the signal of 'zudooon'. In the open eye faint, the nature is sent from all parts while combining with the signal and she becomes pleasant.
The print, time stop, consideration rule, animal change, and hypnosis constancy after unconsciousness, etc, the hint is repeated, there are the second making to the zombi etc, the quality and the amount are super-enhanced. Repeating change is splendidly manipulated, becomes a robot, and does the masturbation. In the ecstasy in the brain of last, what is what seen eyes of Airu that reaches the top of the hypnotic state?!
2006 deepest!? Has been it already a birth of the strongest work!?

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