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Nana Miyachi
Hypnosis [red] 19

actress/NAna Miyachi

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It is played at by hypnosis.
The hint begins to enter from the body rule and the sense rule.
In the faint, it faints while enlightened from the state to stand.
In the stop at time when time stops because of the sound of a flute, the movement at the moment is experienced.
The compound technique with the stop of repeating change + time cannot be missed.
Food looks like various things in altered taste + illusion and it fusses over.
And, it changes into the thing as being said such as the fan, strippers, and dogs it in the main, of this time repeating change.
It is a woman who hangs a large amount of slaver down from the mouth of a floating half opening every time it faints as for the gaga expression.
I also want you to learn the pleasure felt by the soul.

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