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Chihiro Hasegawa/Madoka Kikuhara
Hypnosis [red] DX [mind control]

actress/Madoka Kikuhara,Chihiro Hasegawa

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Mind control Induce it in the direction where person's thought and action and feelings, etc. are intended. The first"It is a mind control as for the beautiful woman teacher. " New figure teacher Madoka who holds pupils doing badly in derision. It comes for the despotic way to antagonize the student, and for the hint to be put by the RED teacher engaged by the student when it is student's saying and the rape is done. The second"It is a mind control as for the idol schoolgirl. " Schoolgirl Chihiro where result was badly called. The human experimentation is compelled instead of the supplementary lecture, and it is manipulated by the medicine. It is under one's thumb, takes off the uniform, the vagina is opened, and it plays a trick. The third"Mind control party" Two people called after school. It becomes Mr. RED's food and it is manipulated. The character is replaced, and the round is made to the hypnotist, and operates the body of Chihiro.

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