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Chihiro Hasegawa/Madoka Kikuhara
Hypnosis [red] DX [versus]

actress/Madoka Kikuhara,Chihiro Hasegawa

500K Bitrate 707MB , 1M Bitrate 1.17GB

'Strength' in a hypnosis red series in 2005 and 'Strength' crash greatly. Which is on earth terrible? It answers a lot of requests of the user, and a new hypnosis legend work is born in Coco. Madoka Kikuhara, Chihiro Hasegawa, and and hypnotist RED. The hypnosis world with mysterious energy that these three people invent is created. The height of an effect degree each other invents the synergy effect or it rushes into hypnosis that is deeper than the first stage. The hypnosis depth is deepened from forgetting and the stencil terribly, deeply, terribly, and high-speed with the trance in the start brain and the time stop. Stark-naked enlightenment stop leaving that becomes beautiful objet and keeps watching one point of air. Footrace, animal change, and another that flow of time is late. The confrontation that only these two people were able to do is a lot of pilings. Striptease etc. of addition of Dutch wife change that bathes in light of flash and stop at time. The Hello part is terrible and deluxe, too. Please confirm the victory or defeat of the hypnosis confrontation by all means by eyes of you.

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