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Moe Kimishima
Hypnosis [red] 18

actress/Moe Kimishima

Moe Kimishima that is not exaggeration to say person who became chance of hypnosis appears in hypnosis [red]. She announces an uncommon suggestibility from the stage of preliminary hypnosis.
In the stop at slow & time at time immediately after taking a picture beginning, herself also experiences the movement at the moment?!
In the posthypnotic suggestion, when the sound of castanets is heard, clothes are taken off, time stops because of the sound of a flute, and the smoke of the cigarette is vomited from the mouth though it is a expressionless face, each one is deep and beautiful!
Frieze in various posing called jacket taking a picture, animal change that becomes cat because of light of flash, the personality change S and M because of the sound of the tambourine etc, only hypnosis actress's content is a heap! The RED hypnosis such as the open eye hight, the degradation hypnoses, and the stark-naked vertical enlightenment friezes cannot be made light of!



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