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Chihiro Hasegawa
Hypnosis [red] 17

actress/Chihiro Hasegawa

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The loveliest in the history of hypnosis [red] work!?Chihiro that had been said, "I want to hang to hypnosis!" before it takes a picture. The complete enlightenment faint in the state of opening her eyes makes it big splendidly.
Moreover, a lovely cat and the dog are born in the animal hypnosis. As for a pretty gesture and the cry, it is correct to enchant you. Moreover, virtual zoophilia with the image dog is collected.
Hypnosis deepens fast, and she has become six-years old child in the age regression. The woman who change of clothes to the gym wear and bloomers and is playing innocently is stopped at time because of the signal of the whistle! A lewd mischief is done, and it urinates.
And, she is a Dutch wife change because of the light of the flash.An inorganic expression and the body are played with.
Please see strangeness of the hint of the RED hypnosis and Chihiro lovely though it is manipulated.

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