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Madoka Kikuhara
Hypnosis [red] 15

actress/Madoka Kikuhara

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July 10, 2005. The hypnotist is RED and the testee are Madoka Kikuhara. It was done in the studio in Tokyo.
When taking a picture of hypnosis [red] of the series that becomes the 15th, the masterpiece that is not the exaggeration to call No1 work at current year is completed.
Madoka that stares at air in hollow look when preliminary hypnosis before it takes a picture ends. She falls deeply and deeply in the sea of the name of hypnosis in the hint that RED whispers. The movement, the sense, the consideration, and the time are manipulated like the desire of RED. The masterpiece in the work now makes it to the zombi in the action control. It cannot be without feeling the depth of hypnosis in the appearance of Madoka beautifully and brutally transfigured.
RED card in posthypnotic suggestion, and the vertical enlightenment frieze complete is collected. A new history of the hypnosis series is recorded here now. The timeless masterpiece is born here.

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