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Urara Haru/Izumi Shina/Mirei Takeuchi
Hypnosis sex 3 [restraint]

actress/Urara Haru,Izumi Shina,Mirei Takeuchi

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The work that coming to the hypnosis mania for the hypnosis mania is ultimate is completed! The name is "Hypnosis sex 3 restraint"! Three women who did a lot of mysterious experiences by inducing skillful hint of hypnotist RED. Urara Haru/Izumi Shina/Mirei Takeuchi.
The body is manipulated by the movement rule, the mind is manipulated by the feelings rule, they are made to faint suddenly, and it is hardened in the word of the frieze. It plays a trick, and it becomes a cat, it plays each other, it becomes a dog, and it strolls in the animal hypnosis, in the hint of repeating change take off clothes being made. The light of the flash turns in the signal, and in the posthypnotic suggestion, she is made momentarily and turns into Dutch wife.
Completion of super-mania work that fuses ero with hypnosis at advanced level. You are sure to become the prisoner of hypnotism, too.

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