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Minami Kitahara/Michiru Sato/Karen Oshima
Hypnosis sex 2 [hypnosis companion]

actress/Minami Kitahara,Michiru Sato,Karen Oshima

500K Bitrate 702MB , 1M Bitrate 1.17GB

Track1 Karen is played with by hypnotist Chintaro Sakurai. Preliminary hypnosis starts to lead of Sakurai. Because the hand hardens, it is thrown down to something not seen, it feels only because of the sound of the rotor, the hand is made pu**y, and the rotor is pressed, she feel orgasm. In addition, the woman who gives sensitivity feels orgasm of the place in hardcore without before.
Track2 Hypnotist Sakurai&Tameo Suetou and Minami&Michiru&Karen appearance. Three girls are made to stand, and Sakurai and Suetou throw down only by the movement of the hand with three people! Though three actors challenge as an experiment... It faints, Michiru and Minami ejaculate greatly only with fingering at the end of sensitivity UP, it is put in addition, and orgasm doesn't stop afterwards. Orgasm doesn't stop similarly only though Karen that sees it tunes by the channeling, and sits.

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