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Minami Kitahara/Michiru Sato/Karen Oshima
Hypnosis sex 2 [Personality change]

actress/Minami Kitahara,Michiru Sato,Karen Oshima

Track1 Michiru is attacked by hypnotist Tameo Suetou. Taking a picture is started while deliberately listening to the upbringing of Michiru, the favor, and the disposition by polite preliminary hypnosis. Michiru for eyes not to open, for sensitivity to be given only to one of nipples, and to have experienced hypnosis pleasantly. The actor is made her like, and announces thick hardcore to putting away.
Track2 Hypnotist Chintaro Sakurai&Tameo Suetou and Minami&Michiru&Karen appearance. Minami and Michiru mutually come to love it, strip off one's shorts, and start oral coitus. Karen that saw it came to want Michiru by all means, and there was a scene where Minami and Karen take Michiru each other, too. Though the man-hater's hint is put, it is groped in the body by men, and Karen was resisted intensely, in addition, the hint is put, and, this time, they are made to do by a favorite man. Settlement that wants another man's d*ck while doing SEX. The personality change is terrible!



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