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Tsubasa Okina
Hypnosis [red] 7

actress/Tsubasa Okina

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It had been said, "Isn't hypnosis a lie?" before it took a picture However, it came to a nice pass when the hand began to harden because of the hint test. 「Hypnosis is true, and is terrible and scared. Why does not the body move?」Firing of reaction in rapid succession glad. Hypnotism such as the sense rule, the consideration rule, the animal hypnosiss, and friezes hangs terribly. Fuss that makes noise ..pleased... The next person does a lovely remark "As for this, are good, are terrible, are good, and I hope another times" in the hint that looks like the person who had yearned in old times. After taking a picture ends「Hypnosis?Yes, it believes absolutely. Please believe you who are looking really, too. 」The comment was very left. The hypnosis fan is one of the enhancements of consent.
The image of "Sexual intercourse" is not collected to this work at all.
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