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Sakura Shiratori
Hypnosis [red] 5

actress/Sakura Shiratori

I am terrible and hypnotism and compatibility are good. Actress who terribly becomes hypnotic state according to the word. It is attacking (a white gym wear and the high school girl socks) suitable by hypnosis. The hand hardens, the hand doesn't part, and the foot moves contrary to my will. It is unpleasant, unpleasant, and it absolutely amusing. The surprise and the chagrin cannot be actually concealed and it shakes about hypnosis. The more deeply hypnosis enters, the more I being disclosed becomes scary, and a heaven dishonesty [onippuri] to annoy the hypnotist from beginning to end is lovely why. It closes one's ears, and it is a hypnotist and the field staffs of the site who try hypnosis to the woman who tries to run away variously. The end really ? The image of "Sexual intercourse" is not collected to this work at all.
The purchase of not being interested in hypnosis is not recommended.

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