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Hotaru Akane/Noa
lewd female anthology Open ver.

actress/Hotaru Akane,Noa
rabel/lewd female anthology
genre/actress, blue words, lewd female, cosplay, subjectivity, virtual

648Kbitrate 532MB , 1Mbitrate 1.08GB

It is "AV OPEN" entry work in 2006. Popular actress Noa and Hotaru Akane of two people united strong tag for the first time in full scale.
It was able to answer the request "I want to see sweet lewd female in which Noa is loved occasionally. " and "I want to see squirting of Hotaru that the god had driven in irrationality by not seeing". "It was sweet play of the whole body" (Noa) and "The burning cigarette end disappeared today by the liquid with a good condition of squirting" (Hotaru) are impressions of two people.
Scene of opening that they, two people, struggle for boyfriend, talented woman detective post that is the most special in the history of series character, finally, the cabaret club girl post. In these three corners a sublime negotiation and the confrontation are done.

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