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Shino Aoi
Stay together you vol.03

Actress : Shino Aoi
time : 156min
label : Stay together
genre : POV Point Of View

You are tired from overtime at part-time jobs and live activities on the day off.
Shino living together as you have a relaxed holiday for the first time after a long time did a massage.
When you give a little help to her, you go straight to a horny development.
You will go for a walk with no clutter.
Shino eats dinner together and hears and encourages your troubles.
You will be healthy and take a bath with Shino and it will be fun.
After that you had sex again in bed.
When it comes to holiday evening, you have to start worrying about the work from tomorrow and you feel a little depressed, don't you?
A veteran popular actress Shino Aoi perfect for this series that blows off that feeling and gives us vitality for the week a week!
Don't miss it.

Price(include tax) 1,980円



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