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Riona Minami
Hypnosis [red] DX.59 Document

actress/Ayaka Tomoda

"English subtitle" is attached to this commodity.
There is a part where the translation is a little strange. Please acknowledge it.

No matter what happens Riona Minami will be hypnotized with nonstop.
Every time it repeat she will enter deep hypnosis!
She can not understand the surroundings, she loses her mind with her eyes open.
【Domination of emotions】
She is coming while laughing at so much pleasantness and gets fainted.
Next time she feels embarrassed and feels embarrassed whatever she is doing.
When it reaches the peak, she is coming and fainting!
Looking at the hole it makes her look like her pussy.
Instead of being robbed of the freedom and vision of the limbs, the remaining sensations are all erogenous zones!
Her eyes become crossed eyes by a cue and her tongue comes out.
Even though there is consciousness the body's power does not enter!

Do not miss Riona Minami that she can not do anything with her own will!

Price(include tax) 1,980円



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