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Yuuki Natume
Stay together you vol.02

Actress : Yuuki Natume
time : 156min
label : Stay together
genre : POV Point Of View

Yuuki who worked in a casual restaurant and you there who worked as an employee.
Confession from her at a farewell party of Yuki who had to quit a part-time job for school.
I decided to go out with it as a trigger. Two years have passed since we started dating. I have been living together for a year.
You are promoted to the manager, and you are busy but you are rewarding every challenging day. Recently you are particularly busy and you are considerably tired.
Yuki warmly watches you and cheers me up.
It acts delicious dishes for the first time in a while, wash your hair by taking a bath, listens to the troubles of work, and supports you firmly.
Of course the sex is rich.
Experience living together with Yuuki in fully pov!

Price(include tax) 2,480円



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