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Ayaka Tomoda
Hypnosis [red] DX.62 Super mc

actress/Ayaka Tomoda

"English subtitle" is attached to this commodity.
There is a part where the translation is a little strange. Please acknowledge it.

[hypnosis laboratory]
1. Yes-man study It becomes an electric fan and the motorcycle.
When continue saying repeatedly; She is coming.
2. Hallucination study She sees a doll to a favorite man and tempts it.
Eggplant sees a rotor, a stick to an electric appliance massage device!
3. Transsexual study She becomes the good-looking boy of the gay and has sex with a man.
I try to change it to the character including Sade man, a masochist man, the naive man!
[Virtual Hipnosist] - POV hypnosis -
This is the revenge drama that I planned in a popular figure model triggered by a manager having been fired.
[horse training of the niece] Story to let you leave the niece and confine it to a basement and work as a sex slave
”It is assumed that you do not replace a groundless heart to the Dutch wife which pulled out a soul.”
Reality or non-reality. ... which I want to spend becoming the doll which got rid of a heart anyway.
As for this, it is hypnosis imprisonment hell!

Price(include tax) 2,480円



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