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Ayaka Tomoda
Hypnosis [red] DX.62 Document

actress/Ayaka Tomoda

"English subtitle" is attached to this commodity.
There is a part where the translation is a little strange. Please acknowledge it.

Even if anything rises, Ayaka Tomoda is considered to be hypnosis pickles nonstop.
[swoon] It is comfortable and swoons! She enters the extremely deep place in an instant.
[feelings rule] control feelings of laugh, cry, being angry.When count 10; She is coming with a laugh and squirt!
[sense movement] the clitoris which should be sensitive becomes insensible.The clitoris which moves everywhere, and becomes gigantic before long!
[exercise rule] soften, and is tense like a wirework.She increases her senses of shame, and she is made to do a shameful posture!
[TS] It stops suddenly as having pushed the pose button.It becomes the stop state at time!
[camera movement] when is said "camera", come to must keep an eye on a lens at any time.A pleasant feeling piles up in a body!

Price(include tax) 1,980円



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